Thursday, December 08, 2016

♡ Penang Island ♡ Ghee Hup Nutmeg Factory ❀

It's the year end holiday season. Penang Island has everything and making a trip to Balik Pulau for one whole day is worth it. 
My first stop was the Ghee Hup's nutmeg factory. It was not difficult to find but when you see the simple arch at the bend of the road, you thought you're driving to Timbuktu~! It was quite steep and it was down in the ravine.
The uncle is still there working I think. Anyway, this was two years ago. I am a Penang lass, born and bred here but I just realized that Balik Pulau was worth going at that point of time. Earlier on, there was not much to see except to eat laksa. 
The uncle gave us simple lessons on how to recognize between a male and a female nutmeg fruit. Haih... form 3 Science lesson of reproduction in plants. Boring~!
I don't like nutmeg drinks but the one prepared at this factory by the uncle was my favourite because it was sweet enough. Since other kopitiam have no expertise in preparing the exact same taste, the hubby learned from the uncle and brewed the nutmeg drink at home. Yay~! 
I have bought the many processed nutmeg items and brought them to China. They were all good stuff~! Made in Penang~! Don't always stuck yourself at the Heritage Zone in Penang. It's better to come over to Balik Pulau~!

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