Friday, December 30, 2016

♡ Penang Island ♡ Pulau Betong Fishing Village ❀

Fishy smell... I love seafood especially fresh ones. You can actually buy from the market at the other end as the fishermen will not sell you any of their catch. The catch from the whole boat has been paid by the middlemen. After you buy your fish, bring it to the open restaurant where they will cook it for you. Of course if you're thinking about Sydney fish market then you will be disappointed. Our fish stall can never measure up to those modern structured ones in Sydney and the so-called restaurant was actually a wooden house. It's a village and no matter how we upgrade our wet market, it will always be wet.
Some of the fishermen were busy mending their nets to prepare to go out to sea the next day. It's a back-breaking job to mend the nets. An uncle entertained us. He has lots of stories to tell, even experiences with pirates. He has no reason to create stories. I believe his stories.

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