Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Grabbing in Atomy Malaysia's Shopping Mall...

In my life, I learn not to grab anything. If it's mine, it will always be mine. Even if someone took it away from me, I will receive something else better or it will come back to me somehow or other.

I'm not an online shopping fan because I want to feel the items that I am going to buy in my hands. Once I've felt them in my hands then I don't mind buying online. I used to go over the counter to get my AirAsia flight tickets but now I'm an expert in getting them online at a cheap bargain. After so many years in going to Tesco, I finally get the Tesco truck to send them over. I went to the yarn shop in Simpang Ampat twice to look see and now, Poslaju sent them to my doorstep.

Now, with Atomy, I have seen everything and it's the tedious work of having to sit at the computer 10 minutes before the released time. Then, it was a heart-pumping moment where you put them in the shopping cart and yet, before you could key in your full address, someone took it out of your cart and put them into their cart.

Do you know that it's very rude to do that? If I'm in Tesco and I have my things in my cart and you grabbed them from my cart, I will let you eat my shoes and taste my fist. But in Atomy shopping mall, it's like shopping with polite barbarians. You never get to see the one who took away your things from the shopping cart. Even with so much cash in hand, you cannot buy anything, not even Atomy's shopping bag. 

I bet many shoppers were pissed off and venting out their frustration in the Band chatroom the day the limited stock was released. Again, I think I'm smart enough not to join in the crowd of Band. I still want to stand one foot away from crowd. 

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