Friday, December 30, 2016

♡ Penang Island ♡ The Perfect Sunset ❀

This place never make it into the list of 9 best places in Malaysia to catch the golden hour when the sun sets. This place never make it into the list of sandy beaches in Penang Island. Therefore, this is the place which is the least polluted. No sound pollution or air pollution from the jet-skis. There's no activities here except for the locals who were having a jolly good time strolling along the sandy beach.
I found this spot when I was looking for a place to fish. Too many puffer fish which means the water is polluted but you at least you will not see water bottles floating and plastic bags which make you think there's a giant jellyfish coming your way. 
I parked myself on a big rock and kept myself entertained. I wished I have my diving suit on and geared up with snorkels to see what's down there. I love the sea minus the sand. Waiting for the sun to set requires more than an ounce of patience. 
This will be my first and last sunset watch. Unless I can find the time to do it again in another country. 

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