Monday, September 26, 2011

A Dusting Freak... NOT~!

I have a feather duster within my reach from my sitting position in front of this computer. I'll just grab the chicken feather duster and start dusting the keyboard, all over the computer table, dusting the bookshelves and everywhere possible. The dust piles up faster than I can sneeze. I know I'm suppose to wipe it away with a cloth but it is getting so ridiculous. I can't be holding a cloth in my hand and wiping every couple of hours. Trust me when I say the dust really pile up within seconds and what with the haze, nothing's gonna help reduce the dust. I think it is best if I stay in the jungle, hopefully it will be dust free except for my dead skin. Look at those sexy eyes~! Whenever I go for a walk at the shopping malls, I will be attracted to cute and colourful stuff. That's really adorable. Right until that moment, I knowledge about feather duster is rather narrow. I just know that there's a chicken feather duster. My... my... I can boldly divulge that Malaysians are rather outdated in all those common stuff that the developed nations have been developing. I was looking and holding on to an ostrich feather duster. It's so soft and so expensive. I won't want to use that to dust away all the dust in the house. I will just hang it in one corner like it's a collection of exotic bird's feather. I'm not sure about others but I know that we're seriously not keeping in tempo with technology and everything that's around. I think I need to travel more so that I don't like under the coconut tree for too long. But at least I don't leap out from my seat when the television starts blaring. I've heard of some people who was so surprised to see the light from the fluorescent lamp when the switched was clicked on.

By the way, I'm starting to let things slide away. I'm not such a dusting freak anymore. And after a couple of days of not dusting, there's a cobweb on the shelf. *sigh* And there's a pile of books on the floor, another pile at another corner and a heap of clothes as well. Seriously, to keep a house sparkling clean, you need hidden talent. You must be gifted in carrying out house chores without any hiccups. I just don't have that kinda talent.

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