Thursday, September 29, 2011

Walk, Eat, Walk, Buy...

One week zoomed off in a blink of an eye. It's Thursday again. Our morning outing. Same place. Not bored with the place yet. Found a place to snap photos. We did a quick walk because there are no photos to snap anymore except for maybe one or two. Then, we were hungry again. So we packed ourselves into Judz car and drove off in the speed of lightning. This time round I ordered the food the nite before. We're really big eaters, just the three of us with so much food. Obviously can't finish all, so tapao back all the leftovers. Then we went for a walk at the morning bazaar. There was a stall using a loudspeaker yelling the sale of only RM1 for one item. We were drawn into the crowd in no time at all. There were so many things there, obviously all made in China so I bought 6 note pads with Angry Bird on the front covers. I never have anything with Angry Bird. Most of the traders just propped up a few iron stand and sell their stuff by the roadside. Some just lay down a big sheet of plastic cover before they arranged their items on the road. Bargain for your price but if it's already so cheap, keep your mouth shut and pay the traders. Shoes. Crocs? I want that SpongeBob. Don't have my size. Only for kids. Why are shoes for adults so hideous? Mono colour. Boring. Bra. So cheap. One for RM5. I can get 25 of that compared to me ONE Triumph bra. Quality? I just know that it's wearable but I don't like. We went to buy some t-shirts. We got one each. Gracie got a Domo t-shirt while Judz bought a Happy Bird t-shirt. I've got one too. Red. My colour. RM10 only. Very cheap. From Thailand.


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Hey there anonymous. I don't have a Twitter coz I can't twit like Tweety bird. But I have my face on the book... you can add me at

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