Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Last Haul of Books...

Thank God I didn't go to Logo's Hope on the last day since yesterday's paper showed the extremely long queue to get into the ship. That's how last minute everyone was. Thus, it was a very wise move to go to the ship last Friday, two days before it sailed off to Klang. There were not many people and I had only 30 minutes to do my book shopping. I was doing brisk walking around the ship, grabbing at the books without even reading the blurbs from the back cover. The books are so cheap I don't have to choose any of them. I took hold of the blue basket, if there's a trolley like the one for doing grocery shopping, I would have taken that as well. Kinda regret for not buying more books. These are my second stash of books. I have storage problem now as all my 12 racks are filled to the brim. I need to sell off most of my books but the thing is all of the books in my other shelves have not been read yet. Goodbye, Logo's~! Please come back soon, don't let me wait for another 5-6 years.

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