Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Steep Walk.. UP~!

Thursday. Our morning out. Exercising... yeah rite~! We've been abandoning our walk for so many weeks. We ended up going after food or lazing around on the sofa and then went hunting for food again. So I was quite surprise when Judz said she wanna resume the morning walk. I welcome that with open arms. I was so energetic that I offered to accompany Rosalind, my new found friend to walk up. That's literally jumping down from the comfortable car taking us up to the dam and in a blink of an eye, we were both standing on our two feet, breathing in the fresh air and starting the walk up. Judz drove off~! She really drove off... and the feeling of seeing the back of a car was a terrible experience. I feel like I've been left stranded in a deserted trail. Oh, boy~! There were so many uphill roads. It was only flat for a few steps. Thank God for my good walking experience, I was walking with my back facing the way up. Literally walking backwards to reduce the tiredness of battling the uphill walk. It was so much easier and relaxing to walk backwards. I think Rosalind was about to faint. There were a few cyclists huffing and puffing up the hill on their mountain bikes. They were really polite people, greeting us with cheerful 'GOOD MORNING'. I hollered back... I like this kinda friendly environment. It took us half an hour to reach the Air Itam Dam. We were so happy, relieved to be exact when we saw the sign because before that, we were tricked by the PBA building. I was cheering Rosalind to move forward before she collapsed into a heap and I wouldn't know what to do except to roll her all the way down. I learnt the white lies hikers always use for amateurs. The few lines that I've picked up and using them on others now.

  1. Come on~! You're going to reach. Just a few more steps.

  2. The peak is just around the corner. See those steps... they're the last one *LIAR~!! Usually there will be so many more flight of steps before you reach*

  3. 2 more minutes and you will reach... *DOUBLE LIE~! The exact duration is another 10 - 30 minutes*

  4. Believe me, you're gonna reach. Just so near... relax... *Never believe anyone who says that to you*

Hahaha~! Those lies of encouragement, they do work but you will feel so cheated that if you have no passion for hiking or walking long distance, you will be crying bloody murder in one breath to that person who talked you into doing it. We were so glad to see the dam that if given a choice, we would have jumped into the calm water. Rosalind thought she saw a duck but I thought it was a crocodile. But there was definitely something swimming in the water. We were fast walkers because we were so glad we were walking on flat land instead of going uphill. Rosalind banned me from using the word UP so I'm going to describe UP as curvy hill. We caught up with the three stooges. At the bend of the dam, mind you, they were laughing like hyenas and yowling away like some mad animals. That's definitely them and then we were monkeying around. I'm always with my camera so... I shall not explain further on what we did along the trail, teasing each other and motivating Mandy. Mandy's legs were wobbly but we, on the other hand, were purely motivated by FOOD~! Siu mai to be exact. The siu mai at the coffee shop at the foot of the hill was so delicious that we were actually putting it in front of us. We were so eager to finish the walk and fill up our growling stomach with all the piping hot good food. I wonder what's the point of us making such an effort to sweat it out and burn as much calories when after a walk, we'll be pounding on extra calories and fats into our body. Yay~! We're there... oh, Mandy... 1 more minute~! Now, I know why it's essential to use white lies to motivate another person. If I were to tell her it's still a long way to go, I think she would have given up, sat by the roadside and regret her decision on joining us. Oh, the food~! The 'tua pao' is very nice just that the skin was too thick. 'Chai kueh' is really mouth-watering, coming from a person who has no liking for vegetables. Siu mai... the siu mai is the best of all until I've to take the auntie's phone number to book ahead next time. I know I'm not gifted in house-cleaning or drawing, but I'm definitely sure my friends and I have hidden talent in making a quite place turning into one happy and lively place. We're one boisterous group of people, yakking away and laughing hard minus slapping the table while doing so. After an hour of feeding ourselves and burning more calories through laughter, we left the table in a mess. All in all, I can't wait for Thursday to come, provided the weather is good. If it's raining then I will hide under my comforter and snooze away to dreamland.

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