Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Time Winning...

If there's any competition, whichever that I joined, I've never won anything. If it's a lucky draw, the whole table or anyone standing beside me will get lucky with the draw, except for me. Don't know why. So, few months back, 1st Avenue had a competition where you're suppose to write the exact price and calculate the sum of the items shown on the piece of paper correctly. I got all the answers correct but since we only submitted 3 forms, we managed to win the consolation prize only. Better than nothing. The 1st prize went to a lady who submitted 59 forms. Every RM100 spent will give us 1 form. So I spent roughly around RM320 on my Betty Boop's bags. It's a good win as well. Spent RM300 and we got back RM300 in cash vouchers. That means spending again. I was hoping for RM300 of Parkson's vouchers so that I can go on a shopping spree but when the enveloped was opened, I was kinda disappointed. The vouchers came in 3 different sections. Food. Shopping. Electrical. We got RM100 for Dome so we went to have something to eat. Mama had her first cup of cappuccino and we had calamari rings and beef gourmet pie. Not to forget that the RM100 vouchers have been used up. Mama bought a new flat screen LED television. A Toshiba TV. So that voucher was meant to subsidise the expensive flat screen. I can't think of what to buy for RM100. Our money is so small that RM100 can't get you a lot of things nowadays. Can't even get my Triumph bra.

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