Friday, September 02, 2011

Logo's Hope Tour...

Wednesday. Started with a lovely breakfast. The whole morning I was looking for people to join in the Logo's Hope Tour as our main group has too many people, exceeding the group limit. But to split us apart would be devastating. We're very good sticking with each other. After sending a few sms-es here and there and not getting any reply, finally a few hours before I left the house, one of the girls whom I've not met decided not to join us, then we have perfectly 10 people in a group. I gave up the second group no doubt each group should have only 8 people. The moment I gave up the second group, both my mobile rang and suddenly there were people who wanted to join in the group... sorry ya... too late. I waited for hours searching for people and when I finally gave up doing so they appeared. We were expecting a Raya lunch from my old neighbour, Shakee... Shakee is not old. She's of my age. I said old neighbour because we've been neighbours since 27 years ago... :D Her mom is a great cook. I love Malay food done to perfection. The tomato rice and curry chicken were superb. Finger lickin' good~! Eerr... salad... hhmmm... no comment. I don't eat vege... Later in the afternoon, Logo's Hope Tour~! I have the pass printed out so looking at the amount of people queueing up, it felt really good like VIPs when all of us jumped the queue and was given direct access to the entrance. We went to look at the books at Deck 4. I felt like I was being crushed. I never like crowded area. I like lots of breathing space. So I didn't see any of the books just roamed around. I'll grab more books before the ship leaves the port. We have very experienced guides showing us around. That's Sonja Madder from Brazil and Molou Bolton from the Philippines. They're both very lovely people. I've offered to take them for a Penang tour when they're off duty. Hopefully they can find some time to have a proper tour in Penang. We have a really good time together. The tour was suppose to be only for 45 minutes but our went on until 90 minutes. I realize that I do not have the ability to follow a tour no doubt it's just a 10-people group. I was constantly left behind because I was very busy looking around, concentrating and taking photos. If this is gonna be how it is for foreign county tours, I will be very upset as they move so fast. I like a relaxing and slow as in very slow tour. I move fast when I feel like moving fast. We were barbecued at the upper deck. Direct sunlight. Our eyes can hardly be kept opened. Took a lot of photos with the beautiful seaview and lighthouse as our background. I think I would like to go onboard of a cruise ship next. I have no experience of being seasick. Can't really feel even when the ship was rocking back and forth when the tide was up.

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