Thursday, September 08, 2011

God, Have Mercy on China...

As how Reinhard Bonnke described about this book,"You may begin reading 'The Heavenly Man' on your couch, but you will finish it on your knees."

Yes, you will weep. Your heart will weep out loud and out of 347 pages, before you even reach page 30, you've started weeping for Brother Yun, for how much he has endured. You'll weep for those in China who were persecuted, executed and tortured for their faith in the ever living God, our Lord Jesus Christ. There are so many religions and cult teaching in this world, but the only true relationship where a human can have with God, men hated it so much that those who have a real relationship with the Creator were tormented beyond what human mind can perceive.

God has shown grace and mercy throughout Brother Yun's ordeal. No doubt what was written in the book took place some 25-30 years ago but in real life, the house churches in China still face much condemnation by the authorities. Revival in China shall not be long before it turns into reality. Truly revival will start from the East to the West and back to Jerusalem.

If you haven't grab hold of this book, get it and read through. If you're a non-believer, believe me that the Holy Spirit will visit you when you start reading. It is so real you can feel it in you. What Brother Yun has endured, no one in the right frame of mind would be able to stand the torture of all sorts, fasting for 74 hours and praying without ceasing. Our God is the God of the impossible and He is a humourous God. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than ours.

Never underestimate what God can do. He will use the scum of the Earth to prove to the world that He is the Almighty God.

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