Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Creativeness... Goodness Gracious..~!

This is not news at all. It's so yesteryears. I was just browsing thru' my photos to see what is there to write. I'm taking a rest from reading. I'm more diligent in reading story books than when I was reading my revision books a decade ago. So, what was it that I find to be so interesting? That was a large piece of sugee cake. Already sliced to accommodate the hungry eaters. We were actually very full from our meals already but we walloped the whole cake in less than 10 minutes. You know when you pass some food around then the person will tell you sheepishly, "It's OK la... I'm full already... don't need anymore food but I think one small piece will do..." That small piece turned out to be a big piece and before we knew it, the whole cake was gone, washed down into the stomach with the orange juice. Before we started butchering the cake, we made ourselves useful by decorating the cake. Just nice, there's a 'Happy Birthday' stick. Don't know what you call that. Then we started using the table deco to decorate the cake. Those two candles were meant to decorate the tables. We even used the toothpick holder with the Italian chef to make everything looked nicer. Those leaves were from our respectively meals... the inedible leftovers. Then, viola~! We have a lovely birthday cake with lit candles. This is my signature way in holding a knife so they are my followers :D By the way, those two are cousins and their birthdays are just two days apart squashing James' birthday in between. Yeah... I still remember James Loh, a doctor without a backbone who hides under his mother's petticoat and doesn't have any balls to stand up for himself but went whining to MY sister. What a gay... *yikes* Why do I go and spoil my beautiful post writing about a scum... :D

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