Friday, February 03, 2012

Roti Jala...

You might say there's nothing special about roti jala or you might not have the slightest idea what roti jala is. The moment I saw that pan, I went, "Wow~! So big~!" It's at Belimbing Cafe, after the round-a-bout and that round-a-bout is leading somewhere going towards the End of the World. I have problem describing the place but I know how to get there. That pak cik *uncle* is a real good sport. He was so busy demonstrating for us his skills. Frenchman sour puss and wife, learn a bit from this uncle. This is how the locals do things... Ahh.. a very simple breakfast. The roti jala is three times the usual size, folded into many parts and you can eat with chicken curry, fish curry or meat curry. I prefer chicken curry. Guess how much that piece of roti jala is? Well, it's only 80 cents. So cheap~! After dining at all the expensive and cut-throat places, 80 cents kinda threw me off the rail. The crispy roti telur with dhal gravy. I'm sorry to say that no doubt I love the crispy roti canai skin, I still prefer the roti telur in Jalan Tengah. I grew up eating that so my taste buds have been adjusted to only like that curry that went along perfectly with the roti telur. We went off to Teluk Bahang dam for a little while. Just took a few pics... the sun almost killed us. I can barely open my eyes. My eyes are already so small now I have to reduce the size some more. We met two lovely English ladies walking along the hill road. You gotta be joking... walking in such quiet place, an uphill climb on a tar road. Bonnie was talking to them for they were asking for directions. They complaint that England is too cold. I complaint that Penang is too hot. It is so hot that the heat penetrates right into the skin and the bones. The last batch of films also got problems. See those three bright lines? That's because the films have expired two years ago. Serve me right for keeping them for so long.

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