Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I Walk Home :'(

I've always say that if I ever get stuck in a horrid traffic, I will just leave my car and go on foot. That's what I did today. See how beautifully I edited the photo. My car was parked at the correct direction and it was a one way street. Unfortunately, when I was done working, I stepped out of the house and was completely horrified to see that the whole two-lane road has been jammed up with traffic coming from the opposite direction. It was too impossible to turn the car around and follow the lost crowd. I cancelled off my next class and started walking. I'm dead serious when I said I'm gonna leave the car behind. If ever I'm stuck in this kinda traffic on a highway, don't be surprise if you see an abandon car in the middle of nowhere. It was the Thaipusam festival but I thought it's gonna be tomorrow, not today. I guess tomorrow all the Indian devotees will be at Waterfall. So, I had a great 30 minutes brisk walking, trying to get home as fast as I can and get out of town before the breaking of coconuts on the road begins. Please google and get more information about Thaipusam, I'm not gonna write anything about it in details neither do I have the best photos for this event. I chose not to defile my camera with this event as my God has said it loud and clear in the first and second commandment. Go check out the Ten Commandments...Ahh... the smell of incense along the road made me gagged. I almost died of suffocation and hey, they've got free vegetarian curry rice for lunch. I'm a carnivore... I get turned off looking at vege. I tried to walk faster but I couldn't go any faster. The crowd was so huge some of them just stood there and there were many photographers which cameras as large as machine guns trying to shoot the event. Oh, boy~! Won't you have muscle cramps on your arms and shoulders and fingers carrying such heavy camera? A bus~!!! Excuse me, can you take me home please? Shucks~! There were so many people walking slowly, by the time I reached the bus, the door has closed. Anyway, in the end I walked faster than the bus. The bus was stuck in the crawling traffic. At times like this, depending on my two feet was way better than depending on wheels. While European countries are faced with deadly cold weather, I think Penang is so hot, you can feel your skin being barbecued while walking. I went home with baked skin... nice brown tan that I have. Home~! The road was still empty but the devotees were definitely moving to this stop over here later. I went home, took a quick bath to get rid of the smokey smell and rushed off, staying as far away as I could from town.

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