Thursday, February 09, 2012

English is E.N.G.L.I.S.H.... Estúpido~!

Rascals who want to make money will always find ways to make money, using whatever methods to fish money out from poorly informed people. I was no longer shocked to hear about it but I was more dumb-founded by how dense the people are to allow themselves to be manipulated in such a way that even idiotic braying donkeys can recognize the difference. Do you know that in Penang itself, you can earn a lot by teaching English to primary and secondary students? At first I thought these matters were laughable but it has become so widely distorted and unacceptable and the best part was parents fall into such traps and students with noses high up in the air thought they know it all... the one who laughs last, laughs the loudest... and I laugh for their stupidity. In this whole entire universe, the global language is English. There are two types of official English, one is the American English which we are well rehearsed in by the wide spread of American movies swimming to our shore which I welcome whole-heartedly and the other English is the Queen's English which galloped all the way to our land when the British sang to the tunes of... for gospel, glory and gold... and proudly took over Malaya. Go study your History books if you do not understand even a single word. Malaysians are learning English the way the Brits learn them, of course minus the British slang. We speak English without any slang except for those who feel like adopting one after the head has been swarmed by too many American movies. Australian English is more like a dialect spoken widely by the Australians. Therefore, after all the lengthy explanation, there is no such thing as Singapore English. Singapore is using the Queen's English as well and dishonest people who wanted to trick parents and students into believing that Singapore English has a higher standard than our English, that's a bullish thing to say. What is Singapore English teaching these students? I are? We am? You is? No~! If you want bombastic words, words that are so big that you can't even spell it in one breath, go read the dictionary. And over the years, learning centres started mushrooming around town like saprophytes sprouting on carcasses, emphasasing on phonetic classes, grammar classes, pronunciation - to the dimwits out there, isn't phonetics and pronunciation similar to each other?- then there are essay writing classes, conversational English classes and lots more of English classes, torn apart. Are you people really that dense to the max? If you really want to learn English, should you not learn EVERYTHING? How do you expect to write a really good English essay when your head is completely void of any English words? Essay writing classes minus the grammar. Without the grammar, you write shit essays that no one can understand. Learn to crawl before you decide to take a leap up to the peak of the mountain. The truth of today is most people can't speak English properly, can't even string a proper sentence or knit out a paragraph without making silly mistakes. Some can't even speak a sentence at all because there are no English words forming in the head. They have completely non-English functioning brain but these kinda people always think they are way smarter than other people. Learning centres are kinda smart as they are able to laugh their ways to the bank, if you are serious in wanting to teach English, teach them all without splitting that one WHOLE English Language into multiple parts, you're not in a biology class trying to dissect a dead frog lying on the cold steel table. The latest that I've heard of was the difference between English Language and English 1119. That '1119' is the SPM *O-levels equivalent* examination code for English Language. See how brainless these people really are? Just by adding the examination code then everybody thinks that English 1119 is better than English Language. These kinda people ought to shoot themselves for spreading their stupidity to the younger generation, making them believe that English 1119 is far better than English. Hahahahhaa... I laugh until I have tears in the eyes thinking about this matter. Let me show you something in order to upgrade all the subjects' level. Do you think all these are better than the others?

  • Malay Language 1103

  • English 1119 (... to the brainless people...)

  • Moral Studies 1225

  • History 1249

  • Modern Maths 1449

  • Additional 3472 Maths *do you cringe looking at this kinda Maths?*

  • 4531 Physics

  • 4551 Biology

I just added the examination codes to every subject yet no one will bother about it but when you see English 1119 you leap at it like you've caught gold falling out of the sky and then you go chasing after the wind as your goldflake has been blown away by the storm. By the way, there are so many people willing to pay hundreds and thousands of Ringgit for their children to study English taught by the whites. I'm not a racist. I'm saying white because none of us here in this country is white. We're brown. The best part of what I've seen with my own eyes was that the child learnt NOTHING at all from the exorbitant English courses but came back speaking English with a horrendous slang that I would feel like hammering a plank over the mouth in order not to further embarass the child. The only way to learn English - perfect English at that, English without flaws - is to learn it through listening and reading and then writing. Switch on that idiot box and start watching Sesame Streets or Barney or whatever cartoons or English movies that you can find screening from the TV stations. Read more... read, read, read, read and READ~! By hiring an American or Briton will not help as not all of them mastered the language. It's the same all over the world. You may come face-to-face with a Westerner who speaks broken English, a Chinese who can't understand even a word of Chinese, a Malay who flunk his Malay Language major examination paper, an Indian who curses you right and left for speaking Tamil as the particular person has never learn to speak his own mother tongue. In conclusion, stop being so stupid... por favor~!

PS. Don't get me wrong. I've never claim that I can speak or write perfect English...

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