Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cross-stitching in Gym...

Looks like I have leave behind the habit of reading while working out in the gym. I'm going to do something new today.
I met a new friend, Claudine while working out. She's a Singaporean. I don't like to talk while working out because it's kinda distracting and my MP3 is playing full blast in my ears but since she has made an effort to start a conversation with me, I politely oblige by removing my earpiece and my motormouth just worked its way from a small conversation into a non-stop two hours yakking session while working out.
I always amazed myself with my ability to talk like I've known that person for donkey years. We were sharing about things that we like to do. She's 20 years my senior. *sigh* Why do I always have friends who are at least a decade older or younger than I am? Well, we chatted from one equipment to another.
She's gonna lend me some of her books but she likes trashy novels which I abhor so, she recommended another book - The Pillars of the Earth, a non-trashy novel that she said might be interesting to me. Talking about hobbies, she wants to learn doing cross stitch so I'm going to the gym later with my sewing materials. I wonder what will I do next... set up a stitching class in gym for free...

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