Monday, July 12, 2010

What's With Folding The Blanket?

I think all mothers say, scream and yell the same thing,"TIDY UP YOUR BED! FOLD YOUR BLANKET.... DON'T LEAVE IT IN A HEAP~! STRAIGHTEN THE BEDSPREAD~!" Why not just take an iron and iron it? It will look perfectly neat and tidy.

Does the neatness of one's bed represent the personality of a person? Why need to fold the blanket when after a few hours of waking up, some will take a nap. After a nap, wake up then catch a forty wink. Then wake up and sleep for real until the next morning.

For me, I practically live in my bed. I can't live without my bed. When I was still studying, I read lying down, curling my feet under the comforter. Now that I'm working, I work while in bed. When I'm in front of the computer, I'm still in bed. I just need to crawl to the other end of the bed. Just prop up a Japanese-style table and I can do many things in bed.

My comforter will be in a mountaineous heap but sometimes when it rains, my comforter becomes a real comfort.
See... this is called multitasking at the highest level. Whenever I need a change of clothing, it's on the bed. While playing Social City thru Facebook, I can make my fingernails look sparklingly shiny with Seacret's buffing block... on the bed as well. After that, while waiting for the factories to finish a contract, I can do my cross-stitch. My work can be done too as my office is just there at the other end. All the drawers are lined beside the bed thus, everything is within my reach.

So... what's with folding the blanket?

Keep it neat so that visitors will not see how terrible you are at keeping your room clean? By the way, outsiders are NOT permitted into my room unless I permit them to. Why will a person bring the guest into one's room? A bedroom is a private and personal hiding place not meant for visitors to enter.

I will just keep it as cosy and as the way I like it which is I'M NOT GONNA FOLD MY BLANKET~! Hehehe... and I've never done so throughout my life and nobody can make me fold my blanket... :o)

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