Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Needles At Fault...

I broke three needles in three different masterpieces. All three broke into two. Thus, I've made the conclusion that it's not my fault but the needles fault. The quality of the needles. They're all from the same batch of Pony sewing needles. It's kinda cheap. When sewing with those needles, they're quite rough. I can make comparison now as I've bought a different brand of needles.
Yay~! DMC needles from UK. More expensive but still affordable. This one, it's really smooth while stitching. It can just slip through your fingers and run across the Aida cloth. I don't even have to struggle with half stitches and three-quarter or quarter stitches. I'll have to finish this masterpiece first to see whether the needle breaks into two or not. I'm 99% sure it won't this time round.
Some say that cross-stitching is an expensive hobby. I will have to say that all hobbies are expensive depending on how you see it. To me it's not expensive. It's the time spent that counts and also the unspeakable joy from seeing the work of one's hand.

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