Saturday, July 10, 2010

We Queue Up For Different Reasons...

We were taught to queue up and not to jump the queue. First come, first serve. There are many reasons for what we queue up for. We may be spending a few minutes or a few hours just to queue up but as we need something done, we have to sacrifice our time for that.

We queue up to board the bus - public bus, school bus, express bus, the train and even to board the plane. Many people will start queueing up at the boarding terminal, while I would be seen sitting down. You already have the seat number secured, so why queue up for so long. Let the rest enter first. For the previous flight, almost all the passengers started to form a queue even though the plane has not arrived.

The next thing that we queue up for is when we are buying food. Queue up at the counter, wait for your turn, place your order and if it's self-service, take your own tray to your table. When I was in Singapore, I followed the television ad for Singapore food, which was to follow the queue and it will lead you to the most delicious food. No comment. *shakes head* Kiasu-ism spirit...
Of course you have to queue up to get tickets for the movie you wanna watch at the cinema. The queue will be extremely long during the holidays or the release of the blockbuster movie. The longest queue I've ever seen in my life will be the one at GSC.

Queueing up to enter a retail store? Oh, no~! I'm so not gonna do that even if it's for LV or Prada. It's just too ridiculous but well... some people do that. That's the joy of having so much money that you have no idea how to spend it except for shop for more branded stuff when that money can be channeled into better areas such as supporting the mission field, join the feed a child programme and lots more.

Another shock came to me when I was in Universal Studios Singapore. The queue for each ride was at least an hour. Some for 48 minutes and some I queued for more than an hour. Each ride was less than a minute. Yeah... sounded crazy but I did it. I queued for all the kiddy rides. There isn't one suitable for adults. Being an impatient person, I had to entertain myself thanks to my loyal digital camera tagging along in all my trips.
Now, the best was yet to come until I saw the mammoth queue. The queue started as early as 6 a.m. and lasted until 5:30p.m. for different services. Praise God for this. It's the queue for God. Even the queue for Avatar could not compete to this one. The queue went around the whole building and stretched in every nook and corner of the building. This was a shocking revelation to me as I've never seen people queuing up to attend a church service. The cinema beside the church has no queue at all.
New Creation Church is one of the mega churches in Singapore. I have yet to attend City Harvest Church held in the stadium with congregation as large as 10 000. Say Amen to that~!


gweek said...

Nice! :D May I suggest that you have a companion piece on things we don't queue for in Singapore, such as:
Getting into a MRT train
Getting through a sale/expo
Getting out of megachurches

seahorse27 said...

Done it with photos as well... but I forgot to snap photos of sales... as I was busy shopping...:P

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