Thursday, July 22, 2010


The armies of the world, along with the kings and presidents, have strived for some form of peace, but have never been able to find it.

History tells us that since the Great Flood, men have waged over 15 000 major and minor wars. They have signed over 8 000 different peace treaties and yet have only enjoyed a few score years of genuine peace. And most of these years were during the early Roman Empire, when the Christian gospel was first preached.

Yes, through the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can have peace for every situation in life.

Organisations, governments, politicians and educators are spending great sums of money on trying to bring people together to live in harmony. Husbands with wives, children with parents, white people with coloured people, one nationality with another nationality and so an endless saga just keeps on going. Few people realise this is a SPIRITUAL problem. Only when the heart of man is changed and the Prince of Peace reigns within, can true peace and harmony be achieved.

Be a messenger of the gospel of peace today.

~ Salvation may come quietly, but we cannot remain quiet about it ~

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