Monday, July 05, 2010

Totally Renewed...[149]

It is wonderful to know God's power and blessing in your life. Here, we see God's daily provision being made abundantly available through our Lord Jesus Christ. We all have needs and they will either be met by this world, the flesh or the devil or by God. We choose our source of supply. The riches in glory Jesus Christ has are totally available to use. Isn't that staggering~! Spiritually speaking we are richer than millionaires~! Every day God spreads a divine smorgasbord banquet before us and we have the choice to partake or not.

When a person receives an inheritance and it is listed down on several pages, the natural response is to go through it very carefully so that nothing is missed.

God has a tremendous inheritance for us. Make sure you use what is yours, and what cost God His Son to vie you. These riches are yours.

What a wonderful God we have. Make sure you draw upon God's resources and riches today.

~ When God guides, He provides ~

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