Saturday, July 17, 2010

You'll Have to Agree With Me In This :o)

There is one blog that I will visit without fail. Though some might view that blog as too lengthy with font size a little too small... well... actually that's what I think, but I still like it. I found something hilariously funny so I'm taking one-tenth of the content and write it in my own way :o)

This is a fact in life. Ladies who carry handbags, the bigger your bag is, the more stuff you throw into it and the longer time you'll need to search for something you really need. Like myself, I have great difficulty rummaging through my stuff just to search for my ringing handphone. As I used to carry three mobile phones, now reduced to two only as one can insert two SIM cards, I still have problem searching for the screeching PDA. By the time I picked up my PDA, it would have stopped ringing and the other phone will ring. Then when I managed to get hold of the other phone, it will stopped as well.

I have the habit of calling back those who miss call me. But then, it always amazed me as immediately after the phone stopped ringing and I call back, no one would answer from the other side. It makes me wonder what happened to that caller immediately after calling me.

Then, I also need quite some time to rummage for my car keys. It's always somewhere squashed by my two wallets. Sometimes, with my eyes wide open, I also can't find anything I wanted.

Surprisingly, I'm able to crawl to whichever corner of the bed, just to hit the snooze button on the screaming alarm clock. And I hit it right on the button without fail. I didn't hit it once or twice. The most I've done it was make it snooze for one whole hour. I think I'm not the only person who has the ability to do this even with half-consciousness and eyes totally closed.


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seahorse27 said...

Thank you for visiting. Just subsribe to RSS and you'll know when I update my blog. I've checked out the sites that you send me but I have to apologize for I cannot understand even a word of what's written there.

They're in Mexicano? Mi speak no other language other than English... Cheers~! Do come back... will update as often as I can...