Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Day I Become An Addict...

No~! I'm not a drug addict. I'm addicted to Social City. It's a stupid game that I clicked on after much pestering and I got myself hooked to it the moment I saw those cute little houses, hotels, the pink flowers and beach party. Yeah... yeah... sounded very silly.

I got so hyped with it that on the first day itself I hit past level 12. Then, it was 2 levels up in a day. When the XP increases, I targeted at 2 levels in one day. Now I spend at least 11 hours online and clicking away. Internet service sucks big time. W1max actually fixed the whole parabola in front of my house to get the maximum connection and my bill was waived for a couple of months due to their lousy services.

Now, the Maxis that I adore is showing symptoms of old age and crawling at the speed of a snail. Since yesterday because of my addiction and the slowness of those two crawlers, I landed myself in a cyber cafe. Yes... imagine me in a cyber cafe asking for a computer far far away from other people. And I'm clicking on Social City as if I don't have a computer at home when I have three computers in the house rigged with Wifi.

And today I'm doing the same thing. Me in a cyber cafe but Social City is not even loading. I ended up blogging while still waiting patiently for it to load... loading... loading...loading... loading... nah... like that lor... LOADING without even a bar of anything... worse still actually the rectangular box is black in colour... total darkness... not even the picture is loading..
Gosh... I've never been such an addict in anything. Even jet-ski didn't get me that crazy. Stitching also doesn't have this kinda effect. The bestseller books have no such effect on me either.

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