Saturday, October 01, 2011

Our Friday Affair...

It has been like this for a few months. Thursday is our outing day in the morning. Friday, Judz and Gracie will come over to have lunch. Now I have another new found friend, Rosalind. She is my latest collection of a guinea pig. Today I cooked 4 different dishes. Took me one and a half hours to prepare and 2 hours to cook. Took me faster than preparing ONE Nyonya dish. The only dish that I really enjoy was the curry chicken. I think after having one month of Nyonya cuisine, no other cuisine can beat it. There's not enough oommphh in all these Chinese dishes. Compared to Nyonya cuisine, Chinese cuisine can be quite bland. Or it has only one taste whereas a Nyonya dish can tittilate all the taste buds with different tastes all at once. The only thing missing was ice-cream. We have apples and bananas and also Mars bars. Rosalind and Gracie went downstairs to grab some small cups of ice-cream. Aahh... I think I'll have to start storing ice-cream in my huge freezer. I can keep a grown man inside my freezer :D That's how big my freezer is. My precious took an hour to finish her lunch. There was so much to eat but she complained that the plate was too small for everything. In the end when she has no more rice to go with the curry chicken. The Gardenia bread went to her rescue. My precious and my pineapple were then both feasting on curry chicken with bread. I think I have successfully increased everyone's waistline, making them grown horizontally with no way of reversing it. In the end my eldest and my pineapple took to the stairs. They were walking up and down the stairs until the pedometer stated 10 000 steps. Ahh... satisfied stomach but tortured physical body. Until now, I've not tasted Judz' and Gracie's cooking... waiting for Gracie *especially* to cook~!!!

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