Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodbye January 2012...

So fast... and January will be ending in another 2 minutes time. By the time I post this up, it will be 1st of February 2012. Time really flies... I'm not sure what I have been doing for the past 31 days. No matter what, I'm grateful for everything that took place in these 31 days. Let's see what I can remember... Classes are in full swing. Just that the modern generation is so different from the previous batch of youngsters. Every year they deteriorate further. The number of A's has no value. I look at the questions and I laugh out loud. Lame... so how smart are they really are? I don't know...Chinese New Year... love the way things went by for the 5-days of holidays. 24 hours a day was kinda short. Woke up quite early every morning, somewhere around 8am, laze around for awhile then we were shuffling our feet around the 1st Avenue, watched a movie every day for 3 days in a row, went up to Penang Hill to snap the night view of Pearl of the Orient, attended a heart-wrenching beautiful wedding dinner. I have stamina for 8-course dinner but no longer have the stamina to have marathon buffet. Stomach can't digest fast enough. It was my birthday last Friday. Felt like a few weeks ago but it was just 5 days ago, barely even a week. I had three cakes, love every cake that I've had this year. Delicious Italian chocolate cake from Maxim, the yummy-licious double choc cake from Ritz and my hubby's brilliant idea of the boxing chicken dried meat proudly decorated with M&M's chocolate buttons. Spent quality time with my precious, snapping Instax. Had a marvellous time with my girlfriends but I was so steamingly furious with that French sour puss but I think I forgive him now because he must have never experience being joyful. My heart felt sympathy for such an alive yet dead zombie living on this Earth. Just don't go to La France in Irrawaddy Street unless you wanna pay a visit to the sour puss. Oh, I have a private dinner as well just the three of us. Looking at the sunset while enjoying my seafood dinner. I almost fainted after I checked the price of each crab. I have to remind myself to buy crabs from the wet market and do it myself next time. But it's my birthday. I refuse to do anything. I even refuse to drive and I have chauffeurs driving around town for me. I have wonderful friends and I know I can count on them and they can count on me, too. Love everybody in my life. Thank you Lord for a wonderful head start in year 2012. I know you have much more in store for me. The eyes are drooping. I need my beauty sleep now. Has been working for 9 long hours. I left the house sheltering myself from the hot sun and I came back home with only the inky black sky without stars welcoming me. Good nite~!

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