Sunday, May 05, 2013

From I, The Virgin Voter...

I've no interest or whatsoever with politics. So, I missed the previous election but now, I've known my responsibility as a citizen of Malaysia. It took me less than 5 minutes to 'X' the political parties that I wanted to govern the country. It was as fast as that and then it was over. I was just in the queue for 40 minutes. 
There's a first time to everything. Mi mama and I reached SMK Raja Tun Uda, opposite Pantai Hospital at 8a.m. The queue wasn't that long and we managed to get a parking by the side of the road. If there was no parking we decided to walk because it was just within the walking distance. I was the 10th person in line and I met a few of my neighbours either from the same block or a different block. That's the advantage of having different houses in different areas. You get to have so many different kinds of neighbours. These were the ones which I grew up with but then we part ways as we grew up. ID was shown to the lady on the desk. Name and ID number called out loud. Name crossed from the name list on the 8th page. Moved a step to the right. The second lady painted the finger with indelible ink. Are you sure it's indelible? 90% of mine came off already. Then the lady on the third desk gave out two pieces of paper. One orange and one beige. I only have two choices to place my 'X' with the black ballpen prepared. It was either Parti Keadilan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional. 
 When I left the house around 7:45a.m. there was no traffic outside the house. I've totally forgotten that my house over here is surrounded by three schools. Two were chosen as the polling centre so surprise... surprise.. I was stuck at the junction turning into my place. The worst part was when I left the house, I left my gate wide open thinking that I would only be out for awhile so it would be easier for me to just drive in later without much of a hassle. I called the sleeping teenagers in the house. They were sleeping like logs and no one answered my call to get the gate open as the hubby has locked the gate when he left. Hubby said that an uncle driving in a car wrapped completely with BN flags drove straight into the house and parked inside as if he owned the house. He refused to leave the porch and couldn't be bothered that the hubby was standing right in front of him and then beside his car. He just couldn't care less. If I was there, I would have done something more drastic. But hubby was different so he just stood there until the car decided to reverse and leave the premise. That was really going overboard. 
There's no way that I can reverse the car out now. I can't even get the gate open with all the cars outside. It would be over in another 3.5 hours time as polling ends at 5pm. Time flies. The result will be out tonight. God knows what will take place but I pray that there will be no bloodshed as Malaysia is not a barbarian country so I hope the supporters to whichever party that loses will not take matter into their own hands and act as if there's no law and no God in this country.

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