Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Yes~! I'm back for good~!!! I have been abandoning this site but I'm starting to miss writing so much... whatever nonsense I have, I write. Serious matter I write. Sad cases also I write. Joyous occasion also I write. I just love to write. I have been extremely busy as I have no idea where has all my time gone to. Even my teenage kids are complaining about not having enough time. We came out with the conclusion that because we were so busy transporting ourselves from one house to another and I have so many more classes and they have more tuition classes to attend. 
We were even discussing about my missing hours of going to the gym... Yeah... that was very very weird. I used to have a couple of hours in the gym and then I still have time to cook fantastic dishes for lunch and pick them up from school. Whatever happen to that? That's really really weird. And I used to have so much time to spend online but now I have to sneak here and there or multitask. 

Hey~! I'm working on Labour's Day. I just finished 6 hours... 2 more hours left and I'm going to sit at home and do lots of more stuff... I'm living life to the fullest. I actually got catapulted out of my comfort zone a couple of weeks' back but I've found my way back. 

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