Sunday, May 05, 2013

House Bound....

As the cars parked in front of the house keep on changing, I have indefinitely been house-bounded not being able to leave the house. So, since there wasn't much to do and there's no wi-fi in the house I'm surviving on food, water, phone for texting which my fingers are not in favour of texting too much, thank God for the computer with the Internet connection albeit it was as slow as a sloth. Having an ancient computer which moves with the speed of a sloth is better than having none at all. It's time to upgrade. I've been upgrading a lot of stuff in my life and I don't really like changes. I like things how they always use to be. Old is good enough. 
Since there's not much to do and my hobby isn't sleeping, I'm continuing with what I've left off for a year. And I'm even making this blog alive. It feels really good to write again.

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