Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I'm a Changed Person...

Still talking about Ubah? Haih... not again... This is a personal blog not a political blog. But the topics that may appear changes from time to time depending on the direction of the wind. Seriously, stop talking about politics unless I'm in it. 
This is us? Are you serious? What's gotten into us? We were happily talking away and then suddenly we were quiet. We were busy doing online chat not with other people but with one another. We were busy sending photos and messages through Whatsapp. Anti-social are we not? I was so engrossed with what's going on in the phone than the company surrounding me. Hahhahaa... I'm not the only one... Gracie was smiling while pressing the phone away. So was the cousin and the other two ladies. But we were still talking to each other in person. In conclusion, we are connected in the real world and the virtual world both at the same time. 

I'm weighing between the pros and cons of having Wi-fi fixed at the new house but I can only see the cons. I can see myself holding on to the phone and the phone beeping at almost every minute. So is it wise to be connected 24 hours of the day since I never power off my phone? Oh, this is such a difficult matter to consider. I used to be and still am a Facebook addict and I am a chat addict. I can talk for the whole day and the whole night. And I can talk about everything under the sun. 

Hhhmmmm... to fix or not to fix? 

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