Saturday, May 04, 2013

GE13: The Mother of All Elections...

It is truly exciting to live in this era. Out of the few general elections that I have lived in, during my parents' time, I don't remember seeing so many 'ceramah' being held just to garner votes. It has always been the party with the lever balance logo having a landslide victory. I'm not into politics by the way. You don't see me posting any political stuff. 
The war of flags started once the parliament was dissolved. It couldn't get any better. I didn't see anything wrong with placing up the flags but whenever I walked pass by neighbour, one of the neighbours always complained that it was too much. I smiled, nodded my head and chuckled then of course, I walked away. I just having nothing to say. As long as none of the flags blocked the entrance into my house, I'm okay with it. 
It was getting more heated. There were more concerts by local singers and international artistes whom I could not be bothered about. That lady who was dressed half-naked were watched by the oldies. I couldn't see the connection between the free food and the concert befitting that performed during the Hungry Ghost Festival. Was it to buy a vote or to buy our hearts? Or are we being termed as a hungry ghost? 
That free food episode which I encountered for two Saturdays served as a good reminder: Even you have money, if the food is controlled, you can't buy any food. I wouldn't want food to be controlled and dispensed as they wish. I was so hungry that I almost fainted after working for such long hours without food. I drank only a cup of Milo from the church's dispensary. 
Then came the free houses. Why was everything free at such crucial hour? Why spend so much now when one should be sincere in giving and not wait until the very last minute? It's like dumping a whole truckload of worms to a sea of hungry fishes.... just saying... can't think of any proverbs. I think I've lost the ability to write an article that slice through a person's heart and thought. 
What's with the alcohol? Drink and be merry and forget everything else? From my point of view, which doesn't mean a single thing to anyone in particular, are political parties trying to buy the people's stomach? Hohoho~! I didn't mention which party but I guess even those from across the continents know about all these. We are in the limelight for the wrong purpose. As I have the opportunity to be in different areas at different hours, there was quite a difference in how each political party carry out their stuff. The area with the most Chinese community, free food was given. Are you trying to say that the Chinese are such hungry 'ghosts' that they would grab the free food whether rain or shine? Ok... you're right. That's what they did... please count me out... I didn't do that and will never do that. I still have my dignity and pride intact. And what did they do with a community with more Malays?
Aaahh... condemning Anwar Ibrahim and his whole family. Family wars? And what more, there was this huge banner that says that the opposition will carry out Hudud Law and at the same time turn Malaysia into a Christian country.... did I read that wrongly? I was waiting for the lights to green, just did not have enough time to capture the banner. Why throw in religion as a punching bag? That ain't right. Anyway, we have prayed through and the rise and fall of a political party is in God's hand. We're claiming Malaysia for Jesus~!!! Amen~!!! God is in control... whatever tactics that any political parties have up or down or in their sleeves, you can't change what has been appointed and planned in God's timetable. 
May this be our prayer. If you're planning to spoil your ballot sheet, please reconsider. It is our duty to vote for the country. We're not aliens like those foreigners who are used to place a vote. We're legally the citizen of this country. We're born and bred here. We're Malaysians and the voice of every Malaysian should be heard regardless of race, colour, religion and decree. Play your part, vote tomorrow morning. 5th of May... double 5... the number of grace. The date didn't just get pick for no reason. It has been appointed by the Lord. Be proud to be a Malaysian. 

If you vote for a political party because of the free food that you've been taking for the past two weeks, please think again... you will not be fed for free until the day you breathe your last. 
If you vote for a political party because of the free house that you're going to get, please think again.... it's not like you don't have a roof over your head right at this very moment.
If you vote for a political party because of the free book voucher for your kids, please think again... RM100 can't even get you a full set of revision books.
If you vote for a political party because of the RM500 for the whole year, please think again... can you really survive on RM500 for one whole year....
If you vote for a political party because you're just following what the others' are doing... you must have serious problem in not being able to think for yourself and the future of your country....

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