Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Clanging of the Empty Tin Cans... Generation Z~!

How stupid can any of these people be? I was the one who went to vote. I wasn't even worrying about the result but the youngsters who were not eligible to vote were more than eager to know the result to the extend of hogging the computer and refreshing the site keeping everyone updated about the result. I was aghast by how much the media has been feeding them. You should take a look at what their Facebook walls have been posted with. Everything was about politics nothing but politics. It was like they're going to run for presidency. If ever these people run for government, I will be very afraid for they know not of their roots. 

I'm starting to wonder why all those videos were all in Chinese. No other languages but Chinese? I'm from the generation Y and the stuff they posted were not as harsh as what the generation Z were fed with. Whoever was behind these, it was a success as almost all the teenagers from vernacular schools are against the present government. They were even talking about politics in school. Do you really love this country? Do you really know how Malaysia was formed? Do you even know how to RUN a country? It's not just about you and your friends and why are you always talking about the Chinese rights? Have we been sidelined until we became nobody in this country? No, we're not... you're even given book vouchers which you all spend away NOT by buying books.
Count your blessings. Do you know that those from the Chinese schools can't even speak proper Bahasa Melayu? If you hear them speaking, it was laughable, even my grandparents can speak better bahasa Melayu. Kalau nak menang dalam pilihan raya, tidak semudah itu. Bahasa kebangsaan pun tak erti. Kalau diminta bercakap dalam telor tempatan, tentu sekali dok tergelak-gelak terdengar perkataan 'telor'. Sebabnya tak pernah dengar. Loghat tempatan pun tak erti. Anak Pulau Pinang ni, luaskan pandangan anda, ada 5 tahun lagi... asyik dok tergila-gila dan marah-marah dengan kerajaan yang dah menang... bodoh ke apa? Nak pergi perang ke? Nak heret Perdana Menteri pergi mana? Masuk penjara??? Atas alasan apa????

Please la... Malaysian history also cannot remember so what's the hoo-hah about 5th May? You heard of 13th May 1969? Most people don't even know anything about 13th May. You know your Rukunegara or not? Examination is coming and yet you are following the interviews of the aftermath of the 13th General Election. 

Are these the youngsters that we're bringing up? If you don't know what you're talking about and what rumours you're spreading and 'liking' them aimlessly just because someone posted it up, you're so narrow and shallow. There's no knowledge of basic foundation about the country yet you want to run it. If these people end up joining DAP in the future, it will be a greater fall than this one. If there are new youngsters joining the political party, I hope they are able to learn about how this country is formed and who are the 'rakyat'. And please send them to the rural areas in Sarawak and let them stay there with the locals, stay like the locals for one whole year. They can't stand 3 months of National Service but let them stay in Sarawak for one year without the basic necessities. 

Hey, I'm not talking about you. If you feel offended after reading this, you must be one of them. Siapa yang termakan cili, dia yang terasa pedas. I'm talking about my teenage kids who are just like their friends. It's exam week and they're so busy with the political stuff that they would rather throw the books away and spend endless hours following after interviews of Barisan Nasional. 

Social networks have been abused or maybe users are too stupid to differentiate between truth and lies. I'm clamping down on Internet usage in the house. No more Internet until after exam. One more word about politics in the house, I'll slaughter you with my bare hands and you will know which one shake the 'nation'. The real political stuff or my heavy hands... 

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