Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh My Fatness~!

I woke up feeling purposeful. I was looking forward for our swim together since we've not been having a really good swim for donkey years. I woke up and went straight for a morning jog around the large field. The minimum runs I made would be 5 rounds unless I am listening to an interesting album through my MP3.

While running the 3rd round, I saw someone familiar. It was one of my ex-schoolmate's mother. As usual, I'm a polite person in a conversation. But the first statement that came out from that aunty was,"Wah, you're so fat until I can't recognize you." Wahlaueh... aunty aa... early in the morning hurt my feelings... Second remark that followed was like a blunt blade that went through the nerves. Aunty said,"No wonder you're jogging." Wahlaueh... aunty... say bad things also got limit one ok... not simply throw statements... I some more smiling politely. But I won't take to heart with comments from such a person. Some people, no matter how old they are, are just not tactful when talking to someone else. They haven't develop the wisdom that they should have by the age of 50.
The last time I stood on the weighing scale, the screws didn't come flying out. So I will keep to my fat philosophy: As long as I stand straight and can see both my legs and toes, then I'm not fat~!!! Define fatness... 

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