Monday, May 20, 2013

The Food Readers...

Those who are involve with school children be it primary or secondary level would probably know that this month is the first term exam season. Those who are really pumping to get good results are squeezing every ounce of their brain but the end result will let you know what have they been putting into their heads. 

I will show you what most of them have been up to later... not in this post definitely. The Sunday classes are all the fifth former boys. Boys will be boys... you can't force them to sit still and bang their heads into the books. They know what they're doing and the boys at my place seriously know what they're doing. If they want the results, they have the last minute drive to see them through. If they don't do well this time round, there's still trials in another 3 months time and I have to work extra hard to ensure that they get what they want. 

I'm a very lenient person. Gone are the days when I'm strict. It's no point being too strict. Be their friends and they will know what to do next. They are humans after all and I just need to talk to them once in awhile to clear their brains from any cobwebs forming. 

The boys asked that I give them some time off. I have three shelves on the wall and there are no revision books or any books related to school stuff. There are cookbooks and more cookbooks and the boys really surprise me. They were pulling out books after books and before long at least 10 of the books were lying on my table. The open pages are the ones that they will want me to prepare for them before their classes begin. If I have put History revision books or any books related to their school syllables, I don't think anyone will want to go near those shelves. Those shelves are mostly frequented compared to any shelves in the library or bookstores. And talking about me trying to lose weight, I told the boys I need to go on diet and they burst out laughing and said it's impossible. They gained weight coming over so I guess it explains pretty much how I pounded up on the kilos. 
I enjoy cooking for others. The expressions when they sink their teeth into those awesome goodies made by my own two hands are worth more than any gold or diamond in this world... priceless and God says it's better to give than to receive. I know what God is saying and it definitely feels very good to give rather than to receive. 

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