Saturday, May 18, 2013

Going on a Date the Practical Way...

My class ended at 10p.m. I was kinda bored staying at home because I work at home and I'm always at home, either in this house, that house or the other house. So, how do you expect me not to be bored? That's why I'm always online because that's the only thing that's entertaining. So, it was just an idea of going for a date but we ended up back at home in less than 10 minutes. We have a really quick conversation though....
We're not the 'Just Married' couple. We've been together for more than a decade so the scenario with butterflies in the stomach no longer exist. The 'heart pounding' scene also I cannot imagine already. The best way to chit chat with each other is driving in circles around the housing area. There's seriously no place to go to after 10pm. and to drive around aimlessly just to talk, that's highly unacceptable. It's wasting my petrol away... I am not stingy, just being frugal... okay okay... I am stingy but generous in other ways.
We were discussing about where to go. There's no park anywhere near and it would be mosquito infested if there's a park. And mosquitoes enjoy feasting on my blood. And there's no stars to see and I can't even recognize whether the distant blinking light is a star or just the headlight from an airplane. So, sitting somewhere in the dark to have a long talk is out of topic. And there's no wind blowing, it's so damn hot we would be both sweating while sitting and talking away. Isn't that a silly move?
Then, I told hubby that we should go for a short and romantic holiday by the beach. Hubby said I am crazy because we're already living in an island and we're surrounded by dirty beaches so why need to spend hard-earn money and go to a different dirty beach? It reminds me of the Sepang Gold Coast beach which was all black and murky yet I threw myself into the water the next day while doing watersports. I don't even like the breeze from the sea which makes your whole body sticky and dry. I don't even like the sand going into my shoes. If the weather is cool then it will be acceptable. 
Going for a movie? Oh, we've done that numerous times and if we're at the movies how to talk? I'll be so absorb into the movie and I would rather bring the kids with me or else I would have to bring them again for the second round. And GSC Queensbay has nothing worth watching. It's all in Gurney Plaza which was damn far from this house down south. And the only shopping mall available will be the hypermarkets and why would I want to walk around the hypermarkets when I'll be doing that on Mondays? Doesn't make sense at all...
Fine dining? Oh, please... we're big eaters... I can't stand the big plates with extra small portions. Can't even fill a quarter of the stomach and we would feel that we've been robbed after paying for such a big amount for  something so simple. So it's actually very true that when you already know how to cook, you won't be satisfied with the outside food unless it's something that you don't know how to prepare. And if you go to a restaurant, you'll have to behave yourself but I'm the bubbly and animated one... so table manners gone... all sort of manners also cease to exist. 
Go for an outing together? Huh? The hubby just gave me a lecture how not worth it to risk my life doing something fun yet dangerous. The fun part may leave you paralyze or dead. If dead then no more problem if not dead than will give everyone a big problem. Ok... he has a point there... so I think I'm no more doing all those dangerous stuff which I enjoy doing. I have too many responsibilities in hand, so in order to be a responsible person, I must stay alive. 
So, I'm back in the room busying myself with my social networking system and also blogging away. Do you think we still have the sparks in our marriage? 
Yes, we do... in our own comfortable ways... he likes me being around and not hopping about all over the place... and I enjoy knowing that he's at home doing something or nothing. My hubby does the laundry~! *woots* 

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