Friday, May 03, 2013

My Grandious Birthday Celebration... 2013

I know I'm kinda late in writing this post. I would like to thank mi mama, mi hubby, mi 'kaki', the lovely teenagers and everyone else who has made my day a brilliant one. Oh, my birthday is just coming soon... was in January the 27th of this year and every year to come. It was a day that was stretched to a few days. It happens once a year so having an extended birthday celebration by now is just very common. I have pre-birthday celebration, celebration on the day itself and post-birthday celebration... don't call it belated birthday celebration... not nice to hear.
I don't know where they get this idea lor... but I did enjoy myself getting dressed up and having the props all over me. Then we were cam-whoring all the way. I think many people will never understand us such as how come we took so long just to get out of the house and be on time. We're always very busy with the cameras. I was wondering what they have up in their sleeves...
 Aaahhh... they took me to Nois. I've been wondering where was Nois. Nois is opened by a young chap by the name of Aaron Loo from EPCC. Nois is situated in Gambier area and I'm not about to make an advertisement for it. Just saying... I wasn't into coffee but the cheesecake was on the house. 
 Aahhh... the 'bersih' kaki... all in yellow... what's with the colour? It was actually quite tiring to celebrate one's birthday. So life as a one-day celebrity was indeed a tiring one. What conversation were we having at that time? I couldn't remember... I couldn't even remember what we talk about just now except for some bits and pieces here and there. I just know that the company was a great fun to be with.
 I'm always blind-folded... that was a surprise... a real surprise when they dumped me by the roadside. I thought they were just kidding until someone tutting on a motorbike started shouting at me. What did that guy shout? 'Sui eh'? 'Ah moi'?? Oh, but I wasn't embarrassed with that kinda remark. Anyway, nobody knows me as I'm not that popular... I was then being ushered to the table. It wasn't fun walking having not able to see. In my mind, I was thinking that those who are blind are really brave people. I dared not even place my foot one step in front of me for fear that the friends might prank me and I landed into the ditch or missed a step and went kissing the ground. 
 Ahhh... finally the blind-fold has been removed. I could see again. It was at Post Cafe. Juju and I have been searching high and low for that place when it was in Love Lane. Juju even went a day ahead to try out the food and to check out on the venue itself... to check out whether loud noise was allowed or not. Oh, yeah... we were LOUD and during the previous year, La France asked us to shut ourselves up as we were disturbing non-existing customers. 
 The food was nice but I'm not going to make a food blog out of this. The owner has been really helpful and kind. I was treated like the queen of the day... more like a celebrity... the only thing missing was someone carrying me around so that I did not have to walk. Birthday lunch was courtesy of mi mama~! I love you~!
Aahh.... that brownie was on the house as well... I was wondering where's my big birthday cake. I was expecting one but my kakis' said that I'm the one who can bake so no cake lor...
Then, the clicks from different cameras and flashes started. It was a glorious 15 minutes or more than that where you have to smile until your jaw almost dropped off. So, where's my birthday cake? Don't have? Serious?
Hohoho~! My beloved hubby has given me a better surprise~! Do you know how much I have wanted that doggie cake? I have been asking for it for many many years. Finally, the doggie arrived on the platter to be slaughtered by the birthday girl. And then the camera continued to click. It was for another quarter of an hour before I got so tired of smiling here and there. Hey, I was in the limelight and being showered with attention~! Who wouldn't like that?
The birthday celebration didn't just end there. I went for a movie marathon and then before that I've had had the best home made ice-cream in the whole entire universe. That's sabayone courtesy of The Eighty Eight Restaurant in Kelawai Road. Now, I'm truly recommending you to The Eighty Eight Restaurant. If you have no idea where it is, kindly Google search for direction. There's one more dessert on the house but as you can see, I don't have the stamina to do descriptive writing in the wee hours of the morning. My eyes are half open and half close...
The next day I was having a feast again. This was at Seoul Garden... nothing much to eat there but we ended up so full we could hardly walk back to our car. This was a treat by my kiddos. A celebration is all about food. Without food, there's nothing worth celebrating. We were supposed to cook on our own but I ended up doing nothing but eat and eat and eat...
Ahhh... save the best for the last. The 15-year-olds spent their evening in my kitchen baking for me. It wasn't perfect but it's the heart that counts. It was their first time baking and I didn't expect anything. There wasn't even enough time to decorate the cake properly. You reap what you sow. You sow kindness, you reap kindness. You sow with love, you reap in love. 
All in all... thank you for such a lovely birthday celebration. Love you all very much. Without any of you, my life wouldn't be complete and perfect.

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