Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Judz' Burfday Partea~!!!

Let's not harp on the general election subject. Whatever that's been done, it has been done. Nothing to change the fact that it has ended. I have something more interesting than the subject regarding the general election.
We were at Ben's two Sundays ago. We skipped our badminton session and went on a laughing spree instead. Ben's at Paragon, the much said place. I think I have no fancy over expensive dining. Everything seemed to be overprice when you can do it from home. But right now, it's a birthday celebration so I don't mind spending a little bit extra as the company was great.
Wherever we are, I think we're the most boisterous group of females. We have no regard for others' privacy... hahahhaa... oh come on, we were just seated at our own place not like we went hopping around the place and disturbing others. It just so happen that sound can travel. Our entree was laughing, giggling and cam-whoring with each other. The food came next. Actually it wasn't that bad but I just don't like that wagyu beef pie and neither do I like the duck confit spaghetti. The spaghetti was damn oily and I dislike anything that's so oily which explains why I hate the popular Penang Char Koay Teow so much. I like the Moroccan Lamb pie though... should have ordered that. And the triple chocolate truffle cake was to die for. It was so good and gooey and thick and rich that I seriously need to look for the recipe so that instead of having a slice, I can have the whole 10-inch cake resting in the refrigerator. 
I think I'm having a serious problem being anti-social. I always have my camera with me because I just love snapping photos. Then, now I have that smartphone which I feel that I need to upload photos on the spot. I was so busy with both toys that I couldn't concentrate on any conversation. Or I'll be so into all of those, I couldn't concentrate on the phone. I think I wasn't concentrating on the food that's why the food tasted so-so only. I'm happy with my toys... I like them both... a lot... 
Now, it's a birthday celebration and the funny thing was we have all the props but we have no birthday card. So, being the creative one, I started scribbling on the tissue paper. As long as you have coloured pens, you can write anywhere. Coloured pens were prepared by Gracie. I'm wondering how come Gracie has the whole pencil case in her handbag???? It must be very heavy to carry around. Ben's have those interesting cards with trivia questions. It's like playing truth or dare just that we were not playing with any of it. I was busy snapping photos of the cards.
That's the birthday belle. Vanilla cupcakes are from my oven so you can't buy them from anywhere and I don't intend to sell them to anyone. So they are really special. Those who are close to me will have the taste of the cupcakes :P Decorations are specially done by my eldest and youngest. My youngest has talent in arts but I'll wring her neck if she chooses to study art stream next year. Hey, where's our group photo? It would be meaningless to gather together without a group photo.
Hohohoho~! We're pretty ain't we? I'm classified to be deem as a narcissist. That's sexy Gracie... sexy Judz with sunflower glasses... that's me the vain pot... my giggling, sexy and crazy cousie... and her biggest secret which I'm going to blurt out on purpose... SHE'S A DOCTOR BY PROFESSION~!!! You're not gonna believe she's a doctor when you see her... she works in a mental ward... muahahhahahaha... and we have Mary to add on to our craziness. I hope she understands what half jokes we usually make. I love us~!! *muacks... planted sloppy kiss on each cheek*
We have had such crazy night together. A real good three hours of much fun and laughter. I don't enjoy sitting in a quiet dinner where you look at me, I look at you, smile at each other and then dive into the food and make lame comments on the food and weather. The age-old table manners where you shouldn't talk while eating was thrown out of the window. I never practice that unless when I was with my grandparents. Grandparents no more already so tradition followed them to the grave. The staff in Ben's were great so to name a few, I was kind enough to ask for their salaries to be increased. Hahhahahahaha.... hopefully the owner take note of that.
It was such a wonderful night. I was greeted by the full moon facing the house when I got back. I wished the night wouldn't end. By the way, it was just a pre-birthday celebration. Who says that birthday celebration lasts for 24 hours only? Ours probably dragged for the whole week or more. I want a month-long birthday celebration next year. 
This was the real birthday celebration. But it wasn't as grand as the pre-birthday celebration. The lunch was organized by Ah Mei the lady operating Yummy Cuisine in Sg Ara. Do visit that place for a hearty lunch or dinner. Eerr.... that's an alien birthday cake ice-cream... Ben's & Jerry... I like. Those colourful sticks jutting out were suppose to be candles but the fans were blowing too strongly we failed to keep any stick burning. The ice-creams were melting rather quick. That's to show you how hot the weather in Penang is.A birthday celebration wouldn't be complete without a perfect birthday cake... so the baker in me decided to bake one...
Hahaha... wasn't that a perfectly round birthday cake? I'm an expert now in baking... muahahaha... who says you need to attend a baking class to learn how to bake and decorate a cake? You just need to have the love in baking, pour all your heart in while baking or else the cake would surely collapse. Decorating wise depends on your creativity. Whoever says you should follow the book to the dot? That's decorating with shaved lemony white chocolate bar... sugarless and gluten free from Spain to be exact. Happy birthday Judz. May the Lord bless you tremendously with everything good. Bless you with good health and a sound mind... I don't think we have a sound mind when we're together. We seem to be out of our mind... muahahahaha....
Introducing you to my concoction of Torte Varazdin. It's a cake that appears in different guises. I can't find any chestnut puree so I smartly substituted such weird puree with marshmallows in a mixture of double Devon cream. The texture of the cake was perfect to the dot. Oh... I'm just so mesmerized by the layers. It was my first time doing this and I didn't know it would come out so perfectly. God must have sent His angels to help out. I wished I have kept them all to myself. But I hold the principle that to give is more blessed to receive thus the cake went into different mouth and stomach. May those who have eaten be blessed to the maximum.

Judz... I hope you've had the best birthday celebration no doubt the cake was a post-birthday celebration. 

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