Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Oz Day 9: Launceston Cataract Gorge and First Basin...

~ 14th November 2015 ~
We arrived with lots of parking space as we were early. There was a serious need to refuel our empty, growling stomach. Those empty stomach if not attended, could be very dangerous, like rumbling volcanoes awaiting to burst out the magma. 
We had our breakfast at the Basin Cafe, ordered the big breakfast, completely not bothered with the price. It took quite some time to arrive. We both don't drink coffee and we love chocolate drinks~!
After we have refueled, we started our exploration and went off our initial plan. That's why, my travel buddy and I, we're good in putting our plans on paper but in the end, we did not follow them. We never learn our lessons, we still continue with planning on papers. I stumbled upon the Cataract Gorge online while clicking away. I was thinking of scraping this idea off even though I would like to try the chairlift ride. The travel buddy has serious fear of height, her legs turned jelly when reaching 4th floor. I went ahead and sent her the link and she said yes to this place. Okay, if she said yes then yes it was.
We found this trail to the Sentinel Scenic Lookout. We started off all four of us but along the way, the First Basin Track seemed to be unless and at one point it was starting to go uphill. Mi madre and Mr. Ma refused to move their arse anymore. The travel buddy and I were the two curious lots all the time, we just had to see what was at the end of the trail. We soldiered on, huffed and puffed up the inclined path. Then, it became a turning path, turn left then right while becoming steeper. We refused to give up. We just went on until finally~! The lookout jut out and obviously the travel buddy almost fainted. She has her eyes closed while I helped her out to the ledge until she could hold herself together in one piece, made her turn around and smile into the camera. Before she collapsed into a heap, I quickly brought her back to safe ground, passed her my camera, steadied her shaking hands and made my way to the ledge.
Therefore, never believe what you see in photos. You never know what's the real situation. We walked back to where mi madre and Mr. Ma were waiting for us. Mr. Ma dropped his shades but on the way to the starting point, we found the shades. Some kind soul has picked the shades up and placed them on a safe place.
We walked the Alexandra Suspension Bridge. The travel buddy was dragged along the suspension bridge. I could not understand why she would want to come to this place as it was such great torture to her. But maybe one day I will drag her to the glass bridge in Zhejiang. I think she will faint straight and I will have to carry her.
Before we got to the chairlift, we spent some time along the Cataract Walk with the beautiful pink flowers all over. Such lovely colour. My favourite colour of all. 
We exceeded the time limit that we set for ourselves. We're always like that. I don't know why but we're perfectly good traveling together.

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