Saturday, August 22, 2009

Food For Your Soul...[35]

" ... ever nourishing your own self on the truths of the faith and of good Christian instruction, which you have closely followed."
[1 Timothy 4:6]

It has been observed that highly successful people listen to, and read inspirational and motivational tapes and materials every day.

It is your responsibility to "nourish your own self" every day, particularly if you are in a leadership position. We must learn how to nourish ourselves in every area of our life.

God wants to give us a 'new attitude' every day. Towards ourselves, towards other people and towards the varied circumstances and opportunities every day.

"Times of change, are times of fearfulness and times of opportunity. What they become for you, depends upon your attitude toward them."
~Earnest C. Wilson~

Allow God, every day, to give you a 'new attitude'.

From you waking moment, to the end of your day, you have a choice of what you let enter your mind. Don't give the devil 'airtime' in your mind and don't allow your own negative thoughts to programmed your God-given mind. God's programme, is to have you THINK on the things that are -true, honest, just pure, lovely, or good report, excellent and worthy of praise.

Remember, you will fall, remain or RISE, to the level of your THOUGHTS! Make sure you NOURISH YOURSELF every day! *In another way of telling you, read your Bible whether you're tired or sleepy or lazy*

A man's reading programme should be as carefully planned as his daily diet, for that too is food, without which he cannot grow mentally.
~ Andrew Carnegie ~

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