Friday, August 28, 2009

Marriage Made In Heaven or Hell On Earth?

There's no such thing as having limited friends. My circle of friends grow every day. Every time I'm out with my fellow networkers, they have so much stories to share. There are a few which boggle my mind right until now.

During courtship, it's all lovey-dovey... what happen after that? Of course, every family has its own problem. These few life stories make me think hard.

My host in KL has a very sad ending to her marriage. After getting married, immediately her husband turned into a monster. She has a monster mother-in-law as well and as she has to stay with her in-laws she has no choice but to keep quiet as her husband listens to his mother 100%. He started beating her when she was 8 months pregnant. Then, he wanted another child and now they have the second baby, he asked for a divorce. Crazy man! Her son was taken away from her by force. God bless in next month's court hearing to grab back your son. God will help those who are oppressed.

The second person was beaten for 12 bloody years. 12 YEARS!! I salute to you... you must have really love him and bore him 3 children. I don't have that kinda patience to get beaten for 12 years. Raise your hands against me, you'll see your arm on the floor and me with a butcher's knife. And next day's newspaper headline... and then me in prison. I better deal with my own temper before I get involve with anyone... :-(

The third person is one loyal and faithful wife and the husband went to see prostitutes daily. Oh, wow~ I don't know how I will react... but I don't think I will keep quiet and put a smile on my face for him.

So, I kinda get brain-washed about getting a life partner. I'm positive that God will definitely prepare one who is compatible with me and who will not torture me. Or should I rephrase that sentence. I'm not going to torture my other half either physically or mentally. Not going to think 'bout that for now... I just want to build my empire for now and get what I want fitting in perfectly in God's big plan without anymore distraction...

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