Saturday, May 22, 2010

On Top Of The World...

Yes~! Yes~! Yes~! I know where I'm going~! I'm so excited.... AAAHhhhhhhhhhh~! I can actually scream my head off out of excitement. Looks like I can never change myself to be more organized. I'm as last minute as ever.
Right now... right at this very moment... I feel like a queen waltzing all over the place. My life is getting more and more wonderful...
I haven't find time to blog about my Melbourne trip.. such a blessed trip. I only shared with people closest to me in my life at that point of time. I have more than 2000 photos that will take forever to put up. And the memories of being at such places at that point of time, it was indescribable. Even the cool, chilly wind blowing my hair into one crazy nutcase style, I was enjoying every minute of it.

My totally last minute trip to Malacca with Pinky. It's last minute as in, I was just thinking about it in the afternoon, then I was frantically searching for numbers for hotel reservation and in a couple of hours time, I bought us two bus tickets and that nite itself we were on our way to Malacca. We had no plans of whatsoever, we had no maps with us and we had no idea what we're gonna do there. God is so good.... we got to visit most of the places as I've committed the whole trip to God as He knows best~!I'll be off soon for another trip out of this country. Yes~! Another last minute flight booking so it cost me a bomb. I guess I'll never learn how to plan my holiday ahead as in like one year ahead. I hate doing such planning as I don't even know what I'm going to do the next minute. How will I know where I wanna be next year? I might not even live to see another day so, why plan ahead?

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