Sunday, May 02, 2010

My Love Letter to W1MAX... *muacks*

Dear w1max,

I don't mind paying for the services. Your careline has been quite helpful and now that I'm getting a static green light but a blue blinking light instead, sad to say I STILL CAN'T LOGIN INTO MY gmail account or my blogger account. To do that, I have to use Maxis Broadband. What's wrong with your line? I will pay when the service is satisfying and it's not even the 5th of May, yet~! Solve this problem for me first before requesting me to make my payment TO AVOID SERVICE INTERRUPTION when now that I've paid for the month of April yet I'm having heartache and headache, additional stress and fingerache due to SERVICE INTERRUPTION~! :) No offense okay... just a disgruntled customer and I'm not screaming. Just typing furiously, pounding on the keyboard like pounding chillies ala kampung...

I have already made a report. My report number is 67***1 taken by Mr. Jay and he's unable to solve this problem and had already proceed to Level 2 technical support. He said that Level 2 Technical staff will contact me in two days time... I guess w1max has not gone to school to learn Mathematics as your 2 days = 4 days maybe more.

Well... If you INTERRUPT MY SERVICE due to late payment, then I want full compensation for what you've put me through for the whole month of April. Compensate me for getting Maxis instead of trusting w1max fully. TRUST is a word that you will want your customers to have. LOYALTY is another one which is really needed. I've thrown both of that out of the window, but it's still clinging on by the windowsill. Restore my line to full capacity and I will pull those two words up to safety.

I do recommend w1max to ppl when they're screaming bloody curses towards Streamyx. Now... hhhmmmm....

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day~!

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