Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Best of All Cleaning Inventions...

A few weeks back, I was forever holding a mop because the new house seems to be collecting a lot of dust. I was just telling a few of them that I was wear a mop to make life easier. These kinda things really do exist. I salute to the Japanese who can invent anything to overcome laziness. Shucks~! I'm not lazy just that I am very busy and I don't have the time to clean the house up and down whole day long. At least I'm making sure that my new house is forever sparkling. 
It's so soft and I just simply love this. I have one of that in front of the bathroom upstairs. But it's rather expensive, I mean the mat. But this mop slippers are freaking expensive. It's RM58 for a pair for it's all worth buying and wearing. 
Yeah~! I'm cleaning the house all the time now, every nook and corner of the house. Make life easier. I'll show you another item that I have later on. I forget to snap the photo as I'm very busy upgrading my kitchen. It will be done very soon :D...

In conclusion, this is the best for wiping and dusting. Vacuum cleaner is no longer the best invention. Says who? Me, of course~! I dislike using the vacuum cleaner. It's so difficult to move around no doubt it's the best piece of machine for dusting.

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