Friday, June 22, 2012

My Lonely Thursday Morn'

I woke up at the same time, around 7:45 a.m. because I needed the much needed jog around the field. I jogged for five rounds, quite an achievement with the haze. I woke up looking at the moon sun. Due to the terrible haze, the sun can be seen peeking from behind the clouds. There was even an eagle black crow flying towards the sun. The field was very hazy and there's no fresh air to breathe in. I was thinking whether to cancel my plan and just continue sleeping, but when I saw so many people out there jogging as usual, I went ahead with my plan. It was good to sweat it out. By 9 a.m. I was back into the house. I was quite bored and there was no computer and no Internet connection at the new house and it couldn't get any more worse than having no story books and I didn't have my cross-stitch with me~!! So, I went to the kitchen and started playing with my new toy.... the oven...
Before I started baking, I cooked the main dish of the day. My Hokkien mee~! Some said not spicy enough, some said too sweet, but all in all, delicious~! Everyone has different sets of taste buds. To me, it's perfect. If it's spicier then I will be a very sad cook, because I'll be cooking to please others while I can't even eat it. I can't eat spicy food. It was a torture to prevent the mucous and the sweat from dripping into your plate of food. So, I like it this way... well, if you don't like it then I think you better cook it yourself or go buy from whichever stall you frequented :D
Then, I started baking. There's no clock in the kitchen so I wasn't looking at the time. I thought I have the whole day to myself. I started studying the recipes for cupcakes. It was written in the book that the amount of ingredients mixed together will give me 12 cupcakes. Recipe books always tell lies. I got only 6 cupcakes from half a block of butter. So I made 6 lemon cupcakes, 6 plain butter cupcakes... 1 tray 6 cupcakes only... and 24 chocolate cupcakes... then all of a sudden I was rushing because for the whole day, I haven't take my shower, neither have I brushed my teeth. By lunch time, I wasn't lonely anymore. Juju came to accompany me. She even sponsored a block of butter and then she was eating the cupcakes straight out of the oven. Then, my hubby came back with my eldest. My eldest came to the rescue.
I managed to bake the cupcakes but I have no more time to decorate the cupcakes with toppings. It was difficult. She spent the whole afternoon until dinner time decorating the cupcakes. If I were to sell the cupcake, it would be RM30 for one because of the time spent on decoration and it wasn't cheap making cupcakes. Butter IS expensive. Using margarine is a NO NO~! I dislike the taste and smell of margarine.
There were chocolate-flavour thick glaze icing, orange-flavour and the one I like most is the green apple topping. I love my cupcakes. They're soft and not difficult to swallow. Not like those chokingly dry cupcakes neither are they moist like moist cake. They're just perfectly fluffy... and I kill two birds with one stone. 
It's Lee Goff's birthday today. Since he's an American and it's impossible to have him here just for a short celebration, so we celebrated his birthday by decorating the white board with lovely birthday wish thanks to my youngest, who is gifted in arts. I will never be able to draw like that. And my eldest has the gift of using her hands, that's why I needed her to decorate the cupcakes or else it would be as plain as any other normal cupcakes. Happy birthday, Lee Goff~! Your birthday is a blessing to everyone as so many get to taste the fluffy delicious cupcakes....

In conclusion, my lonely morning turned out to be a blessing for others... 

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