Friday, June 08, 2012

Savvy's Third Day Adventure...

Do you know that Savvy has a wife by the name of Sasha and a daughter by the name of April? Both of them went off for a holiday in Klang and Savvy was left behind in Penang. Anyway, I think he has a better holiday over here. He was having a nomadic holiday experience. Saturday is my busiest day so I bundled the dog into the car and off we went to mi mama's house. Savvy behaved awesomely good. Since there was no one to hold him while he was in the car, I asked him to sit down quietly. And he sat behind quietly all the way from the centre of the island all the way towards south. It was a 20 minutes car ride and he wasn't even worried or hopping around like a mad dog wondering where he was going. He behaved really well in mi mama's house. I was surprised to see how different he was. 
Usually he would have climbed up and asked to be patted but with mi mama, he just sat there like a good boy. How different~! He went for a walk because my doggie used to go for walks. I don't know what else he did because I wasn't around for the whole day but all in all, he was well-behaved. He didn't even jump onto the bed. After church, I went to pick him up. Another house he's going to. I wonder whether he was confused or not, moving from one place to another. 
Oh... the 'real' dog unveiled~! The moment he reached the house, he ran all the way upstairs and jumped onto the bed and started rolling all over. I think he must have wanted to do that the whole day long. No more good dog and he gave us such a terrible fright at 3a.m., barking at 'something' and now, we're freaked out and thinking twice about staying over in the new house. Was it something from the empty house next door? *goosebumps* Definitely, there's no one we're going to sleep in the new house if any of us is alone.  

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