Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Savvy's Second Day Adventure...

The furry boy got the teeth to wake me up at 7a.m.... half an hour earlier before my waking hours. He was scratching and bouncing around the bed, rolling all over, wiping his own face. He wanted his breakfast... so we gave him his breakfast and then his day started off with playing around the whole house for the whole day. 
The furry boy forgot to check out the other two rooms earlier. He went to the other room now. He got shocked looking at the panda and then he got a hell of a shock seeing that leopard. He was barking and growling at the 'dead' leopard but of course we made that 'leopard' looked alive and chasing after him. He was running helter skelter but finally he faced his fears...
... he went head on to attack the leopard. The leopard was bitten all over so the leopard climbed up the double-decker and stayed there for good. 
OOoohhh... food... glorious food... lip-smacking good... really a good advertisement for food... too bad he didn't get to eat any from the table or else he would have enjoyed having the teriyaki chicken. He had a great time walking around the house, hopping around and rolling on different beds. He must have had a great time until I had to leave the house for two hours. Just merely two hours and he ended up crying and vomiting. Such a cry baby? Nah... he was just missing me :D
The furry boy went off to bed at 8:30p.m. too tired to do anything after not sleeping for the whole day. I think he slept through the night no doubt he was a light sleeper, waking up at every sound. But he didn't wake up when I dropped my huge dictionary on the floor, right beside him. I guessed he was too tired to do anything. 

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