Friday, June 08, 2012

Savvy's Last Day Adventure...

It's the last day for the nomadic dog's holiday. This was taken while I was cross-stitching and he was trying to get some more sleep after breakfast. Realized that he didn't really like fan blowing but he loved to be in air-con room.
His favourite sleeping position... with his head under the comforter so the fan would not be blowing in his face or at his face. He slept that way for an hour without moving. I left him under my hubby's care while I was away for a couple of hours. When I came back, he didn't even know that I was downstairs. This is seriously not a dog that can guard a house. I walked all the way upstairs to find him taking his afternoon nap with the air-conditioning system at the coldest temperature. 
Woke him up from his deep slumber. It was time for him to go home but he refused to get up. He was very busy rolling around.
Look at that adorable boy~!!! He's so cute~!!! He's seriously not getting up....
He rolled and lazed around on the bed for another half an hour. Still very comfortable in the bed. 
Finally, he stood up but slumped back on the comforter. Reminds you of yourself? Wake up, toss and turn around under the comforter, get up but plop back down in less than a second. In the end, we forced him to wake up and go down. 
He went inspecting my garden. He did that early in the morning as well. He preferred the large field in front of the house but he didn't get the chance to go. There was a crickets competition so he couldn't go, poor boy. 
He was so excited to go home. He jumped from the back to the front passenger seat. I asked him to sit down... and he did but he made the shoulder his chair. What a fabulous boy~! That's the end of his nomadic adventure as a doggie on holiday.

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