Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Truth Behind My Red Velvet Cupcakes...

Not bad eh... I can bake... but I wouldn't say that this is quite a success. The cupcakes were edible but I'm not sure about the texture and I'm not even sure of the shape. There was no self-raising flour in the recipe and during the baking process, the cupcakes rose like tsunami. 
It was a very last minute decision to bake the cupcakes. Moreover, thanks to JH Tan who cancelled my replacement class on the last minute. So I decide things last minute as well. Went to Tesco to buy the ingredients without my shopping list and when I reached home and went through the recipe, to my horror, I forgot to buy a few of the main ingredients. I don't have any of those ingredients stored up in my house as it was my first time making cupcakes. Seriously, there was no self-raising flour in the recipe for the red velvet cake... and my precious and I were staring at the cupcakes in the convection oven. Something was really wrong, wasn't there? I thought cupcakes were suppose to come out smooth and curvy on the top but that mountainous blob looked really disheartening. I was in a dilemma whether to text Judz to get Mandy her birthday cake as those cupcakes in the oven looked like epic failure. My precious and I were seated like two idiots staring into the oven wondering what was wrong. I have no knowledge of whatsoever regarding the making of a cupcake.
The recipes said that we were to fill the cups with two-third of the gooey stuff but then it wasn't raising on its own as there was no self-raising flour in the ingredient and I was about to turn blue. I started flipping through the only cupcakes' book that I have. I woke my hubby up from his nap and together the three of us brainstormed to get a solution out of the mountainous blob. Then as we were looking at those pictures of cupcakes without self-raising flour in the recipe, there were frosting of sorts on the cupcakes... and *PING* the light bulbs in our heads lighted at the same time~! FROSTING IS USED TO COVER THE UGLY SURFACE OF UNEVEN CUPCAKES~!!!! Aren't we brilliant? 
So, in the end, the red velvet cupcakes were presented to the guinea pigs of all ages :D My precious is even smarter, some of the mountainous blobs were as high as the miniature coconut trees so she suggested that I use the scissors to snip them off. See.... we're geniuses~!! The cupcake stand made everything more special. The last minute hunt for the cupcake holder. The cupcakes should be edible because there were only 3 left... it would be gone by tomorrow morning. 

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