Sunday, June 03, 2012

Savvy's First Day Adventure...

The blog has been inactive for the whole week due to my long hours of work and I took up a babysitting job... errr... no no no... that doesn't sound right. It was a dogsitting job for Savvy, my bouncy white bundle of soft wool... we went to pick him up at Judz' place after my work on Thursday night. Boy, it was one big adventure for him. My pineapple was holding him but when my pineapple went home and left him in the truck, Savvy's face was one of a horrified dog. He must be wondering whatever happened to the girl who was holding him and trying to soothe him and when he was more relaxed, she left him all of a sudden.

When we reached home, I took the four-legged boy to make a toilet by the side of the carpark where there were some grass here and there. That boy was one happy dog, bouncing about in glee. I was terrified to see his face green in colour, grinning away with the tongue hanging out... no, I wasn't describing a monster's face like that guy from the old movie 'The Mask"....
You see that? Green~!! Sticky green... My hubby said to let it be and I was thinking how could I let it be... he came to me white and in less than an hour, he looked green. I think Savvy is one vain dog. He knew there was something on his face because we kept on pointing at his face, so he used both his front paws to remove as much sticky grass as he could. In the end, I was busy pulling out one grass after another until 1:40a.m.
The dog cooperated really well. He was lying down for me to pick those that were stuck to his belly, his hind legs. He lifted up his head. He did lots and lots of moves to remove the sticky grass. Boy... he was one thorough dog. 
Savvy wasn't keen to sleep yet. It was more important for a dog to explore its surroundings. He was busy walking up and down the whole house, inspecting every inch with his nose. He spent the most time in the kitchen, sniffing around. Are you wondering why there wasn't any door to the kitchen cabinet? Simple... we removed the kitchen door as I need things fast. I can't be flipping the door open at every second, banging them shut the next, then flipping them open again and banging them shut for the whole two hours when I was standing at the kitchen, whipping out fantastic food. Everything must be within my reach in a second. 
Then, the dog walked straight into the room, jumped up onto the bed and did further inspection. You must be wondering how come my bed looks so messy. I'm a messy person... no I'm not and yes I am. I don't believe in getting up early, taking the time to fold the comforter and iron the mattress cover with your hand. It takes so much time that it will eventually spoil my mood. I'm the person who gets up at the very last minute, kick the comforter into one big lump and spend my time on the bed whenever I'm free. A bed is not just a piece of mattress for you to sleep on. That's why I need a King size bed to do my work in. Why am I explaining about my messiness? I'm talking about Savvy, the dog who came to my place for a slumber party. 

Savvy did not sleep for the whole night. He spent the whole night, walking up and down and barking at the storm, if you remember the storm on Thursday nite... or should I say Friday morning? He made enemy with my grumpy neighbour opposite... hohoho...

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