Monday, September 17, 2012

Cake Overdose...

How does it feel like never to have a birthday cake? I made that orange and lemon cake for Danish, an eleven year old boy in my class. I did it just for the fun of baking. When we were waiting for him to cut the cake, he didn't do so. He felt kinda elated but awkward. He didn't know what to do with the kitchen cake knife. He didn't even know where or which part of the cake to start from. We asked him whether he has a birthday cake of his own before, which he said he has never had a birthday cake. So, this is the first cake for him. I have to say that it's not that beautiful, but hey, I'm a newbie trying out on baking. Give me a pat on my back. I was wrecking my head thinking of how best to decorate it. He likes Angry Bird but heck, I don't even know how to draw an Angry Bird on paper let alone doing it with a piping bag. We had this on Sunday, the 2nd of September.
Out of Danish's cake, I made another cake for ourselves. I made a couple of orange and lemon cakes but we've never even tasted it before. So, I separated the cake mixture and made one just for us. Couldn't think of any decoration method so I just use the writing fudge and started scribbling. Anyway, it's going to go into the stomach, as long as the cake is good, the decoration shouldn't be a bother. It's better to have an edible cake than having a nicely decorated cake that is not edible at all. We had this on Monday, the 3rd of September.
That's the very moist chocolate cake that I made for joey the kangaroo Zoe for her 15th birthday. It's good practice. I have lots and lots of guinea pigs to try out whatever that comes out from my kitchen. It was a really great experience making that chocolate musical pieces. And I learnt that by mixing a few drops of lemon juice to the whipping cream actually curdled the smooth texture. We had this on Tuesday, the 4th of September.
This is the imperfect sugee cake. Hubby loves sugee cake so I try to bake one on his birthday. I like pink colour. I'm the one decorating, so I like pink and I decorated the cake in pink. I love it to the max because it's my hands that did this. We had this on Wednesday, the 5th of September.
Oh, wow~! That's the UGLIEST cake ever~!! You'll have to agree with me when I say that but it's the BEST cake that I've ever baked. It's the nicest chocolate cheesecake. That you have to agree with me if you've tasted it. That cake gave me lots of problem while I was decorating it. Even from the moment it came out from the oven, it was on the verge of collapsing because I did a simple mistake... of removing the cheesecake out from the springtin immediately after it's out of the oven. We had this on Thursday, the 6th of September.
Visarn wanted something totally different. He's not a fan of cakes so he asked for pancakes instead. He thought it would be easier but it was even harder. I had to make the pancake one at a time which was so frustrating because it was my first time doing it and I was not good in controlling the fire because my stove is of hot lava, which means it burns really hot so that I can boil the soup and get food cooked in a very short period of time. Oh, I made Visarn the buttermilk and pandan pancakes with lots and lots of honey. He drinks honey straight from the bottle. He's worse than Pooh bear. Well, we had that on Thursday nite, the 6th of September.

Now you understand how all of us were cake overdosed? 

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