Monday, September 03, 2012

Tis' I Remember...

... and I'm walking down memory lane. It's from my unfinished holiday write up. That was taken on a Friday, the last day we were in Beijing. After visiting the New Summer Palace, the tour guide wanted to dump us at the airport and our flight was 5:30p.m. Lunch was on us and it was during lunch time that he announced that he would love to get rid of us in a very nice way. We were mumbling away in total disagreement with him when he said that we could go to the Old Summer Palace and we cheered and clapped loudly. The catch was we would have to pay 120yuan for the entrance fee which we boo-ed at even louder. In the end, we agreed to be dumped at the airport. 
While we were waiting for him to get us the flight tickets, I went to remove all the layers from underneath and packed everything in the luggage. It was freaking hot inside the airport. Since we had to wait for so long, Pinky took out the nail varnish and used her vanity skill on me. Sad to say, we only managed to have two fingers done because the evil tour guide asked us to check-in our luggage. He fled the airport immediately after giving out our flight tickets. 
We were seated right smack in the middle of the plane's belly. We changed our own seating among ourselves. Before we could board the plane, we had four freaking hours to spend at the airport. Pinky and I couldn't understand how could the oldies and even the teenagers in the group could sit down quietly like school children being asked not to wander around. Immediately after we checked-in our luggage, we were simply light and easy. We went touring the whole airport and we were searching for food. Beijing airport has good food ^.^
Ajisen Ramen served the best soup noodles. Trust me. When I said it's nice, it's simply very nice. I would rather go hungry if the food wasn't good. 
Then, we went to visit Colonel Sander. I regretted not buying the shrimp burger instead I got myself two pieces of shrimp starfish nuggets. I must have not been thinking straight but what the heck, I could go back to Shenzhen and grabbed those shrimp burger... that wasn't so of course. Shenzhen was selling a totally different kind of burger and no one has heard of the shrimp burger. Shucks~!
We went walking around going into every shop and most shops were void of customers. Must be because they were selling branded clothes with the pricing that scare everyone away. We were two people, walking until almost nearly 5:30p.m. then we continued talking and talking and snapping photos. Those people in our group have their butts sealed on the same chair since the last time we left them there. Wow~! 
There was a delay in our flight. Not a surprise since we were delayed when we were coming to Beijing from Shenzhen. Beijing's sky was so busy that every 5 minutes, it seemed like there was a plane taking off. You wouldn't need to worry about not being able to snap a good picture of a plane taking off or landing. Just stand near the glass wall and you can get a terrific view of the runway. Another thing that we love about Beijing airport was the world class public toilets. It was so comfortable that we went and deposited our gold ingots there.
After an hour of delay, we were given the clearance to board the plane. The plane started to taxi away but to our horror, the plane just went to park itself in one little corner, not getting the green light to take off. We were seated in the non-moving plane for another hour. The best part was there was screens where we could see the plane taxi-ing on the runway. That was so cool except to those who were afraid of height.... hahahaha.... and that was Pinky keeping her eyes shut. It started to get really bored because we were asked to strap ourselves in our own seats. I started playing a mean prank on the girl who spoke English with a very heavy Russian accent. I'm so sorry. I don't mean to be so mean but the rest of us, including the oldies, played along. It was very bad of me, coming to think of what I've done and while we were in that plane, that was the only source of entertainment. 
The flight meal was so horrible except for the bun. I gave everything to Pinky and I was dreaming of grandma's food. I was wondering whether grandma kept food in the kitchen for us or not. The flight was for 3 hours and we waited for another hour for our luggage then we had to take the subway for another 17 stops before we reach and by the time we reached home, it was already midnite and grandma was asleep, Pinky's mom away for a nite attending some school outing, there was nothing to eat, all shops were closed and we went to sleep thinking about next day's breakfast.

This is my final account for my Beijing trip. The Shenzhen and Guangzhou trips are yet to be written completely :D

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